Dissertation Committee and Plan of Study

Dissertation Committee

The role of the Dissertation Committee is to provide frequent feedback and advice to the student. The committee shares the responsibility of guiding the student’s research to successful completion. PhD students should view the committee members as additional mentors and possible promoters of their thesis research. When applying for jobs, committee members are often the first choice for seeking recommendation letters. It is expected that the Dissertation Chair work closely with the student in determining the most appropriate committee members. The Dissertation Committee should be formed by the end second year. The minimum guidelines that must be met when establishing a Dissertation Committee are available on the Graduate College website: https://www.unlv.edu/sites/default/files/page_files/27/Graduate-Advisory-Committee-Guidelines-Fall2018.pdf.

Plan of Study

The student must file an approved degree plan before the start of their spring semester in their second year. The degree plan must be developed in consultation with the student’s Doctoral Advising Committee Chair, the Doctoral Advising Committee, the Faculty Ph.D. Program Coordinator, and the Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs.