Master’s in Hotel Administration

The Master’s in Hotel Administration (HOA) degree program is an on-campus program that prepares students for a successful career as an upper-level executive in the hospitality industry or as an instructor/researcher in a hospitality education program.

New Curriculum for HOA Students Entering Fall 2024

The program is a 1-year program for full-time students. Students who complete the program on a part-time basis will take 2 to 2.5 years. The program requires students to complete 31-hours of coursework. Complete Degree requirements are listed here:

Thesis Track

Professional Track

  • Course Overview: This explain what courses need to complete which semester.
  • Elective Hours: 7 credit hours. Elective courses may be any graduate level HOA course. Student may also complete graduate level business courses. Elective courses outside of these two colleges must be pre-approved by on of the program contacts.

Old Curriculum for HOA Students Prior to Fall 2022

The program requires students to complete 36-hours of coursework.

Thesis Track

Professional Paper Track

Optional Internships

Resources for Thesis or Culminating Project

Students are encouraged to utilize the Hospitality Graduate Student Library Resources when working on their thesis or professional paper. Lateka Grays is located right in Hospitality Hall, room 251. Once you have your topic approved and need help located research materials, just email her.

Master’s in Hotel Administration Graduate Student Handbook

Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures that are documented in this graduate student handbook.

Program Contacts