HOA (HOA-MIS & HOA-MBA) Prospective Students

Harrah College of Hospitality is excited that you are interested in our Master’s in Hotel Administration (HOA) degree program or our dual HOA-MIS (Master in Information Science) or HOA-MBA (Master in Business Administration) degree programs.

Learn why UNLV Hospitality is the place to be!

This site is designed to help guide you through the application process for the HOA program. Prospective students who are applying to one of the dual programs must also ensure they have submitted all applications materials required for the other program as well. If you have questions, please contact Diane Wrightman, Director of Hospitality Graduate Programs.

Courses at a Glance

To see what types of courses you will complete in each of the degree programs, please reference the one page flyers below. For official degree degree requirements, visit the UNLV Graduate College Program catalog.

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Guidance through the Application Process

Application Deadlines

HOA Program

  • Fall Term Only Admission: May 1 for international applications | July 1 for domestic and permanent resident applicants.

HOA-MIS and HOA-MBA Dual Programs

  • Fall Term: May 1 international applicants | July 15 domestic and permanent resident applicants
  • Spring Term: October 1 international applicants | November 15 domestic and permanent resident applicants

All applications materials must be submitted by the application deadline. Applications will be considered incomplete after the deadline and may not be reviewed.

Guidance from the UNLV Graduate College Admissions Team

For guidance on why you should consider graduate school, additional tips on preparing your application materials, and for guidance on completing the GRE/GMAT exam, visit this site.

Application Requirements

  • Required: Must hold at least an overall 2.75 or higher undergraduate GPA or a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA in last 60 hours.
  • Preferred but not required: minimum of one-year management experience in the field of hospitality or 3-years front-line experience in the hospitality industry (internships or full-time).

Application Materials

Online Application and Application Fee

Applicants must complete the UNLV Graduate College online admission application and pay the applications fee ($60 for domestic applicants / $95 for international applicants). Start Now!

Statement of Purpose

Applicants must submit a one-page statement of purpose that provides the Admission Committee with the following information: your background, your ability to be successful in the program, and your career goals and how this degree will help you achieve them. In addition, if you are interested in complete the thesis track, it is good to indicate your research area of interest and if you intend to continue on for the PhD program.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters of recommendation can be from a faculty member or a current or previous manager. The Letter Recommender must submit their letter. We do not accept letters from applicants.
  • Select your recommenders carefully. Choose references that can vouch for your academic abilities and be successful in research, if applying to a thesis track.
  • Ensure that your recommenders know you relatively well and can write about your strengths — not just that you do well in their course or performed well in your job.
  • Make sure to ask your references well in advance to write your letters.  Supply your reference with an updated resume to help them learn more about you.

Applicants will provide the names and contact information of their two letter recommenders when completing the online application. A link will be sent to each recommender for them to upload their letter into the application system. Please follow up with your letter recommenders to ensure letters are submitted by the deadline. Also, it is highly recommended letters be submitted in PDF format.


  • A one to two-page document as it is important to be very detailed on your experiences.
  • Address your education, job experiences, research experiences, remarkable achievements, projects or publications, organizations, awards, and leadership experiences.
  • Should provide the Admissions Committee an overall picture of your background.


 Transcripts: All applicants are required to submit a transcript from each postsecondary institution attended, showing all degrees and coursework, the dates awarded, and grades received. If the institution is outside the U.S., please be sure that the grading scale associated with your transcripts is included. Credentials not in English must be accompanied by an English translation certified as true by a university official, an official representative of a United States embassy or consulate, the United States Information Service, the United States Education Foundation, or an approved professional translating service. Notarized copies of originals or translations are not considered official.

  • Credentials from China: Students who have completed a degree in China must provide copies of the original language transcripts and a copy of their Degree Certificate and Graduation Certificate. Documents verified by the Center for Student Services and Development (CSSD) or the China Academic Degree and Graduate Information Center (CDGDC) are also accepted.
  • Credentials from India: Consolidated marks sheets are acceptable if yearly mark sheets are not available. Mark sheets must also be issued by the degree-granting institution. Mark sheets from affiliated colleges, are not acceptable or considered official. Students who have completed a degree in India must also provide a copy of their Provisional Certificate.”

Applicants who are offered admission into the program must submit official transcripts (and Foreign Credential Evaluation if applicable) to the UNLV Graduate College within the first semester of starting the program.

GMAT or GRE Exam

Applicants who apply to just the HOA program are not required to submit GMAT or GRE Exam scores. It is recommended and can strengthen your application, especially if your undergraduate GPA is lower.

Applicants who apply to the dual HOA-MBA program must still submit either the GRE or GMAT Exam scores as it is required for the MBA program. The HOA-MIS program requires the GRE/GMAT if you do not meet the GPA requirement. The exam must have been completed in the last 5-years to be valid. It is highly recommended that applicants take the exam at least five to six weeks prior to the application deadline to ensure scores are submitted on time.

International Students Only

International students must also submit a “Proof of English Proficiency”(example: TOEFL or IELTS exam scores). A copy of the exam results must be uploaded into the application systems. An official copy must be submitted to the university if admission is offered. To learn more about this requirement, visit https://www.unlv.edu/graduatecollege/english-proficiency.

In addition, international students offered admissions will need to submit the Financial Certification form and Bank Letter to the UNLV Graduate College before an I-20 can be issued.

Funding Graduate School

To learn more about tuition and fees, visit here.

The Harrah College of Hospitality offered graduate hourly positions to master’s students enrolled in the program. To learn more about this process, please visit this site.

The Harrah College of Graduate Programs awards up to 10 scholarships that range between $1,500 and $4,000 to incoming students. These funds can be used to help with education expenses. The admission committee uses applicants’ admission application to determine who is awarded. These awards are very competitive.

Lastly, we highly encourage all of our master students to apply for Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions outside of the college. Learn about open positions on campus here. To be considered for a GA position at UNLV, applicants must submit the GA application at the same time they submit their admission application. The GA application is located in the GradRebel Gateway. Visit the UNLV GA Website to learn more.