MHA Textbook Process

Textbooks and course case studies are covered by the program fees. All MHA textbooks are eBook unless an eBook is not available. Students are required to complete the MHA Textbook Form after they register for the upcoming semester. Students must complete this form by the deadline. If the deadline is missed, students are then responsible for securing the textbook at their own expense. All deadlines are posted in the MHA Materials Course in Canvas.

How to Request your Textbooks

You must complete the textbook order form by the deadlines below. To order your textbooks, please complete the Textbook order form for your semester:

Fall 2024 Term : Textbook Request Form (Due July 15)

Spring 2025 Term: Available November

Summer 2024 Term: Textbook Form

For students registered for courses with physical textbooks, these will be sent through FedEx prior to the start of the session. All eBook links will be sent either the Friday before classes or the first day of class. Please watch your UNLV email as we will email you when the link has been sent.  

Students who do not complete the Textbook Order Form by the above deadline will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. The deadline is firm.

Please remember the following:

  • The MHA program purchases eBooks when they are available. If the course has an eBook, students will receive a link to download the eBook the Monday the class starts.
  • Books will not be overnighted. Students who fail to complete the Textbook Request Form by the above deadline will not be guaranteed to have their textbook by the start of class. 
  • If you do not meet the textbook deadline, you will be required to order all books for the entire semester by the deadline above. We will not mail any books mid semester.
  • If you drop a course before the class begins and it has a physical book, you must return the books ordered to the UNLV Bookstore. If you fail to return a book to the Bookstore, we will not pay for your books the following semester.

Books must be returned to:

UNLV Bookstore

4505 S Maryland Pkwy

Box 1056

Las Vegas, NV 89154

Attn: Mondana Eghdami

  • Use your UNLV email when completing the form.
  • We will not reimburse you for books obtained on your own.
  • We will only pay for required books.  Any optional books are your responsibility to buy.
  • Your books will be delivered either electronically or via FedEx (you may want them to be delivered to your office or other location if you consider security to be an issue). We cannot ship any books to a P.O. Box.

New MHA students
will also receive a copy of the APA Style Guide Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (eBook) with your book order. This manual of style is required for all of your courses and is the required book for the Professional Paper class at the end of your program. This book will provide the requirements for citing references, creating bibliographies, formatting reference papers and much more.