Hospitality New MHA Student Checklist

As an incoming MHA graduate student, please careful go through and complete the steps below that pertain to your program before the start of the term. Contact Diane Wrightman with any onboarding questions. In addition, here is a “Getting Started” document to also help you onboard.

  • Accept your admission offer. There is a link in your UNLV Graduate College admission offer letter that was sent to you. If you are unable to located it, please log into the GradRebel Gateway to access your admission offer letter.
  • Set up your My.UNLV login and password. When you submitted your application, you were sent an email with your login ID (which is your NSHE ID) and password for this system. Please check your SPAM account for this. If you are unable to locate this email, please contact the ITHelp Desk at (702) 895-0777 to reset your password over the phone. You will need this to register for classes.
  • Set up your UNVL email account. As a graduate students in our college, we will only communicate with you through UNLV email. It is critical you check this account often throughout the week. To activate your RebelMail account, go to You may use this address for all of your email or you may forward to an existing account.
  • Enroll in the MHA Materials Course in Web Campus. Please follow these instructions to self enroll in this course: 1) Go to; 2) If not logged into WebCampus, log in with your ACE username and password; 3) Click on the “Enroll in Course” button in the upper right hand corner; 4) Click on the “Go to the Course” button. The course will be available on your Canvas dashboard after self-enrolling.
  • Register for classesthrough You must be enrolled in courses in the semester you were offered admission to become an active student in the program. If you are not enrolled in your first semester, your admission to the program is cancelled and you will need to re-apply. Under certain circumstances, you may be approved to defer your admission to the next semester.
  • Textbooks. MHA students must request their textbooks through the MHA Textbook form. The link was provided to students in the MHA Virtual Orientation. It is also posted in the MHA Material course in announcements. Please note we provide eBooks when they are available.
  • Residency Status. All admitted students are automatically listed as “Non-Nevada Resident.” Please click on this link for more information and to access the application. Please follow the directions and mail in the documents at the address listed on the application. 
  • Student Health Insurance. All full-time students are required to have health insurance (9+ credit hours).  If you already have health insurance, you can complete the health insurance waiver form at this link.
  • Registrar’s Office “To Do List”. All incoming graduate students receive a “To-Do List” from the Registrar’s Office that needs to be completed in the first semester. One of those items is to provide Immunization Records. For this item, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 702-895-3443 or to inform them you are enrolled in the Master of Hospitality Administration (MHA), which is a fully online program and will not be on campus. They should waive this requirement and update your “To Do List”.
  • Tuition Costs and Payment ProcessMHA Program. You must pay your tuition bills by the deadline posted on the Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts. If needed, you can also set up a payment plan through this office.
  • WebCampus. WebCampus is the online program that provides access to the individual class materials. Once you register for a class (and the professor has released the class for student view), the class will show up in your WebCampus account. Classes are available a week before the start date. To access WebCampus go to and log in using your ACE username and password.
  • Hospitality Student Directory. To have your name listed in the Hospitality Graduate Programs Student Directory, submit the Hospitality Student Directory Release form. The completed form and a professional picture (if you want your photo posted) must be emailed to
  • Library Services. Laketa Grays is the Hospitality Librarian. She can assist you with any journals or articles needed for class projects, your professional paper, or thesis research. She provides many other services as well. See website for details.
  • Immunization Information. It is a requirement by the Board of Regents that all students provide proof of immunization if they are taking on-campus courses. Currently the Registrar does not require MHA students to have proof of immunizations on file. All new students have an automatic “To-Do” item for these immunizations, but this will not stop you from registering for classes. If there is an actual “immunization” hold on your account for some reason and think this is preventing you from registering, please email Rhonda McElroy.
  • Office of Information Technology (OIT). For questions regarding your rebel mail access, campus computer labs, free and discounted software, student computer discounts, campus wireless access, visit their website here, or call OIT at 702-895-0777. To use the computers on campus, you must have an ACE account.
  • Rebel Card. MHA students can request a Rebel Card by contacting the the Rebel Card office. Your first card is free.
  • Disability Services.
  • Hospitality Office Graduate Programs Staff.