PhD Dissertation

Students must successfully write and orally defend their dissertation proposal and the completed dissertation. The dissertation must be of substantial quality and length, original in thought and research, and make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in the field of hospitality administration. Upon approval of the dissertation committee, the student will orally defend both the dissertation proposal and the completed dissertation.

Students are encouraged to utilize the Hospitality Graduate Student Library Resources when working on their dissertation research or need materials for a course they are teaching. Lateka Grays is located right in Hospitality Hall, room 251.


Important Reminders When Completing a Dissertation

  • Dissertation guidelines are available at Contact your dissertation committee chair for additional guidelines.
  • Students will work closely with their dissertation chair and on their research and writing fo their dissertation.
  • All research project protocols must be reviewed by the UNLV Institutional Review Board (IRB) ( Upon completion of IRB review of a student’s research project protocol, the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) will issue an Approval Letter, Approved as Exempt Research Letter or a Notice of Exclusion. One of these letters must be presented to the dissertation chair before starting the dissertation research project AND must appear in the appendix of the dissertation.