Executive Master in Hospitality Administration Degree Program

The Master in Hospitality Administration degree program is an online degree opportunity for professionals in the hospitality industry. The degree allows one to live anywhere in the world, work, and travel and still receive a master’s degree from an accredited, internationally renowned university.

The program requires students to complete 30-hours of coursework. Students are placed into one of the follow two tracks at the time of admission. Complete Degree Requirements are listed here: https://www.unlv.edu/degree/executive-mha.

Hospitality Management

Gaming Management

Students are encouraged to utilize the Hospitality Graduate Student Library Resources when working on their professional paper. Lateka Grays is located right in Hospitality Hall, room 251. Once you have your topic approved and need help located research materials, just email her.

Master in Hospitality Administration Graduate Student Handbook

Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures that are documented in this graduate student handbook

Program Tuition Costs

Program Contacts